On Not Being So Naive

This Mercury Retrograde brought up an ongoing challenge and life long lesson, regarding trust and friendships. So I put together a list of all the things I have learned so far through all the painful experiences of letting go of connections that no longer served me. For any new connections, it’s the same as dating.  There will be an instant attraction, connection, comfort, and or sense of knowing.  It’s exciting to feel connected, to meet new people, it triggers endorphins.  Feeling safe in being yourself is something that we have to both learn and heal to achieve as a state of being, not as a conditional response to external factors.  Therefore, be yourself, be open, trust, but the key is Read More

The Darth Vader Path

Fear is one of the greatest challenges to human evolution – some of the strongest and most gifted are among the ones to get stuck crown deep in the quicksand of fear. I often use Luke Sky Walker and Dark Vader as the perfect examples of the two roads an individual can go when powerfully connected.  If fear, defense, judgement, mistrust, control, power and anger become your driving force – then you have gone into the dark side.  If on the flip side you are driven by love, empathy, discernment, wholeness, Integrity and understanding then you are walking the path of consciousness. Being highly empathic is excruciatingly difficult at times  in a world of such polarized duality.  There are lessons Read More


There is a defining moment for every healer in which the limit of how far into the human psyche one can go, without becoming a little unhinged yourself, is reached.   A moment where something just feels a little too dark, too hopeless, or too far gone. I haven’t reached that limit yet.  Although there have been moment in which I questioned whether I should go any further.   The reason I have continued to venture further further is because somewhere a long the path, I came across a monumental Truth.   This single Truth is the answer to every single situation no matter how challenging. The truth is…… Fear  Nothing else but Fear dominates these darker realms; and Fear is the master Read More

Mental Rubik’s Cube

I take on Psychology like it’s a mental Rubik’s cube. Everyone’s psyche is like a whole universe of it’s own. I remember as a kid enjoying puzzles and demystifying things.  I knew without knowing that the key to unlocking the secret to anything was in it’s understanding.   What I mean by understanding is – having a deeper knowing of a thing’s nature and or essence. When you understand a Rubik’s cube then you knew how to bring it back to it’s original state no matter how many times it got twisted. Within the psyche there are different layering dimensions.   However everything in existence has patterns and ways of moving that is specific to it’s nature.  This is true for emotions and Read More

Psychology, Emotions and the Laws of the Universe

The laws of the universe have served as keys to unlocking certain codes of healing. A few years ago before knowing anything about the Kabylion, these truths had already started to take shape in my consciousness forming the foundation of my psychological framework as a psychotherapist. With these tools,  I was able to start transmuting anything that caused me fear and or emotional pain into potential energy for growth and greater understanding.  This eliminated hopelessness. In this post, I have only copied and pasted the Universal Laws. I am providing the information so that your unconscious mind can willingly and independently allow for the understanding that these Laws apply to every level of psychology – which includes our emotions, behaviors, Read More