Healing Through Self-Love part 2

How we love and or how we receive love reflects our level of self-love.

Self-love requires an intimate relationship with self. It means self-penetration. You probably didn’t even know that was possible.

Unfortunately,  we haven’t been taught that not only is this possible but it’s essential that we do….because the relationship we have with ourselves is what will be mirrored back to you in everything you do and everyone you connect to.

The World is a mirror

The same positive qualities which we judge others on are the one we unconsciously judge ourselves on….so for example if we love individuals that are honest will we judge unconsciously our level of honesty. And if we don’t measure up to our own standards will unconsciously develop these complicated and elaborate  defense mechanisms that protect us from seeing that truth.

The more we run from it….the more we have to run from.

This pattern of avoidance prevents the healthy development of a self-connection, understanding, acceptance and ding ding ding….self-love.

All healing is ultimately a healing of that connection.

So let me break down a few  walls by sharing everyone’s Dirty Little Secrets.

We All…..

Are imperfect emotional beings
Are wounded
Need healing
Have  done things we are ashamed of, like really ashamed of
Have felt weak….
Have pretend to have it all together when in truth we were near falling apart
Have felt crazy
Have had crazy thoughts….scary thoughts
Fear being judged
Fear not being loved and or accepted
And no matter how tough, how independent and or self-reliant we all quietly crave to be loved, to be understood, to be forgiven, to be heard.
And every single person is terrified of their vulnerability and it being exposed to the world.

The truth of these fears is what keeps us from going within and developing a strong connection with every part of us.  Preventing the connection with our soul spark.  So what happens….we develop the inevitable need to be feed by others, either like a thief or a beggar.

This creates a scarcity cycle and self fulfilling fear of love deprivation….as what we just got from one place will be as equally demanded from us by another. It places us ultimately in a state of survival, which is the antithesis of Love mode.

But self-love is self fulfilling