Energy Healing for Mental Health

About Me

About Me


In 2004, Lilia graduated with High Honors from the State University at Buffalo with a BA as a double-major in Psychology & Health and Human Services. She then went on to receive her Master’s in Social Work in 2008 from the State University of Maryland at Baltimore.


Professional History

Once she received her MSW- Lilia began working at a foster care agency in Bronx, NY. Lilia worked in foster care for nearly five years, providing therapy to children / families of trauma; and also psycho-education and training to foster parents. Upon leaving the field of foster care, Lilia joined the ranks of the intensely challenged psychotherapists at Montefiore Outpatient Treatment Center in the Bronx. Her clientele consisted of patients with severe mental illness (chronic depression, substance abuse, PTSD, anxiety, psychosis, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, etc.).
At Montefiore, Lilia began providing alternative healing methods for her patients such as Reiki, work with crystal energies, breath work, and other holistic treatment modalities. It was of her own effort and interest that she incorporated such treatments. The blend of psychotherapy and energy work proved very effective in improving outcomes for clients who had been in treatment for years. It was through this experience that Lilia’s passion and gift of healing truly ignited; particularly the desire to provide deep healing to those with the greatest needs.


The Dream

In 2016 Lilia pursued a personal life goal of bringing her daughter into the world. Seeing the smile on her daughter’s face, or experiencing her unlimited joyful energy only further goes to prove what a positive, enlightening impact Lilia has on others! Her daughter is a ray of her bright light- always happy, in the moment and excited to experience a new day!
Becoming a mother led to Lilia realize that it was time to make a greater and lasting contribution to the next generation through the healing arts and create a heart centered practice.
Lilia plans to “teach the clients to become healers themselves!” As stated before- she truly is- a Miracle Worker! However- If asked, Lilia will tell you that there are no “Miracles”… that “Everything happens in alignment and for a reason.” That “We are all here to serve our own unique purpose.” Lilia is absolutely serving her unique purpose.