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Transfigurative Energy Healing

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Transfigurative Energy Healing

Transfigurative energy healing is about returning to ones pure essence free of limiting beliefs, fears, conditioning and traumas. The end result being a sense of expansion, vitality, and confidence.

My background in psychotherapy allows me to connect to an individuals psyche – healing layer by layer through each persons subconscious mind.  Releasing fear, trauma, stress, negative belief patterns and limiting programming from a persons body and energetic field.  

What that means is if you imagine your biggest fear, your biggest trauma, or anything that is keeping you from living your best life such as: repeating negative patterns in relationships; having poor boundaries, struggling financially; lacking direction; feeling lost, depression, anxiety, etc. All of these symptoms are rooted in your unconscious as a result of past experiences which have created negative beliefs systems. Now imagine being able to release these fears and beliefs…what would your life look like? That is what this healing offers.

To individuals who are interested in learning how to become their own healers, I also teach as I heal. This not only further accelerates the healing process but also empowers you a to take charge of your own healing. The techniques I teach are extremely simple but very powerful tools that can be done regularly by anyone.

If interested in booking a session you can contact me directly via text and or phone call at (914) 620-2275

Session Fees:  $135.00 for 60 min energy session