Transfigurative Energy Healing

I am a master healer with the distinct ability of Transfiguration .

Transfigurative energy healing is about returning to ones pure essence free of limiting beliefs, fears, conditioning and traumas. The end result being a sense of expansion, vitality, and confidence.

I connect to energy healing through pure consciousness and can do so multi-dimensionally – this allows me to heal at various levels simultaneously. What this means for you is that healing will occur at a much more accelerated rate.

To individuals who are interested in learning how to become their own healers, I also teach as I heal. This not only further accelerates the healing process but also empowers you a to take charge of your own healing. The techniques I teach are extremely simple but very powerful tools that can be done regularly by anyone.

On average client’s will notice major shifts and transformations within 6 sessions. If interested in booking a session you can contact me directly via text and or phone call at (914) 620-2275.

Session Fees:  $135.00 for 60 min energy session