Energy Healing for Mental Health

The embracing of ourselves for who we are is part of the mystery of our transformation and is the secret to the tree of life


About Me

Lilia Urias employs a holistic approach to help individuals regain emotional and or spiritual health. She works with individuals who are ready to transform their lives, who want to heal, who want to live their happiest life now.
Lilia not only employs her naturally-embedded deep wisdom in treating clients, but approaches situation with gentle humanity, compassion and intuitive guidance. Lilia employs a variety of therapeutic techniques to helps individuals make remarkable life long transformations.

Lilia’s unique brand and style of treatment goes above and beyond what one can be taught. She is a truly enlightened being who brings both intellectual brilliance and spiritual guidance into her practice.

Services Offered



Synergistic Psychotherapy

Synergistic Therapy is a combination of traditional psychotherapy and non traditional methods which include: energy healing, visualizations, somatic work and Brainspotting. To achieve rapid inner transformation.  


Transfigurative Energy Healing (Reiki)

Transfigurative energy healing is about returning to ones pure essence, free of limiting beliefs, fears, and traumas.  The end result being a sese of expansion, vitality and confidence.  



Brainspotting is a powerful therapeutic technique designed to help individuals process and heal from trauma, emotional distress and a wide range of psychological and physical symptoms.

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