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The Darth Vader Path

The Darth Vader Path

Fear is one of the greatest challenges to human evolution – some of the strongest and most gifted are among the ones to get stuck crown deep in the quicksand of fear.

I often use Luke Sky Walker and Dark Vader as the perfect examples of the two roads an individual can go when powerfully connected.  If fear, defense, judgement, mistrust, control, power and anger become your driving force – then you have gone into the dark side.  If on the flip side you are driven by love, empathy, discernment, wholeness, Integrity and understanding then you are walking the path of consciousness.

Being highly empathic is excruciatingly difficult at times  in a world of such polarized duality.  There are lessons empaths need to learn to avoid falling into hopelessness or worse complete defensiveness and judgement.

I know what is needed as it is always the same – Acceptance, balance and ultimately the integration of the duality that exist within us all.

Fear when it goes into defensiveness causes splitting and Fragmentation between the light and the dark.  The dark consumed by anger always begins to hate it’s other half – the empath, the vulnerable, the feminine.

Fear when internalized causes continual powerlessness, avoidance and paranoia.

The larger the fear the more difficult to work out of.

I  used to often say that I couldn’t work with hopelessness because I operate solely on hope.  But a recent experience thought me this isn’t true.  I can work with hopelessness because it’s not hope I offer, it’s truth.

I have gained enough knowledge and experience to manage hopelessness and defensiveness on their own.  However, I am puzzled still by the ones equally split between defensiveness and hopelessness.  These individuals are the ones that fully reject, refuse and defend against truth.  The hopelessness does not believe in a way out; the defensiveness has invested in their not being a way out.  So there is a circular argument  that begins to occur within sessions in which a person utilizes several defense mechanism to either deny the possibility of healing – or deflect.

It is emotionally uncomfortable for me to watch a person remain in suffering when I have the ability to guide them into connecting to their potential.   However, unconditional love is acceptance of what is, without judgement and with compassion honoring everyone’s path – knowing that we are each exactly where we need to be, serving our a higher purpose and plan.

There is a power in surrender that is true to healers as well.

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