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The Path of Consciousness

The Path of Consciousness

The path of consciousness is the path of true living.  It liberates you in a way that I can’t even describe. 

In all of us, even the happy people there exist a very specific existential pain – a loneliness that no romantic partner, hobby, or number of achievements can satiate.  It is the anxiety felt when things get too quiet…  

It’s is the dark void of disconnect.  

The path of consciousness is the path of connection.  Connection, integration and the ability to love unconditionally is true living.  

It is only through reconnecting to self that that the rest of what we painfully yearn for is attained.  It is through this connection that self-acceptance, self-understanding, self-trust and thus  self-love is mended.  When you can connect consciously and deeply with yourself then connection with everything else becomes automatic.   

However, individually and as a collective there is a lot of unconsciousness to heal from.  In that unconsciousness (aka disconnect) a lot of pain and traumas were formed.  Therefore, the path of consciousness can be an incredibly difficult and painful path as we walk our way through and out the pain. 

It is also my understanding that certain levels of consciousness can only be developed through the process of healing from painful experiences.  The more pain and individual is able to bring light to, the more consciousness and mastery over fear they are able to develop.  Unconsciousness exist as part of the individual but also through a shared collective space that forms the shadow realm or to quote Stranger Things “the upside down.”   

I have access to the shadow realm through my own connection to pain and fear – which through healing I carry only in memory but not in body. 

To develop this level of consciousness one must be willing to go into the shadow realms suspending all judgement, opinions and personal beliefs.  One must instead go with an open mind and only the desire to understand the horrific distortions of truth that live in the dark abyss of unconsciousness.  The realm of narcissist, sociopaths and all other conditions of hopelessness and fear.

Above is photos of deep sea Creatures in the abyss of Ocean.  There is a similarity…nay link between the deep sea and the deep unconscious.  The creatures you encounter there were also created in the absence of light.   To go into this realm and be able to walk back unhinged, understanding is a necessity. 

Where there is understanding, fear does not exist.  

In a future blog I will discuss more on the topic of the shadow realms but for now I’ll return to the main subject of developing consciousness. 

To develop these higher levels of consciousness the following is required: 

  • Must work through all wounds and traumas.  As you go into your wounds the pain of them is triggered but only as it is being released from your body and consciousness.  
  • Will have to completely face all aspects of your self
  • The willingness to let go everything that you may love but that may no longer serve you.  This was the most painful for me.  This will true to everyone at different levels, personally the lesson of loss and letting go of just about everything I’ve loved and have had a connection to has been my greatest lesson even at a soul level.  
  • The continuous frustration of being so conscious while being so human.  You develop a heightened awareness of all your emotions and thoughts even the unconsciously driven ones, which makes you extremely responsible for your emotions and behaviors. Consciousness does not let you act out of unconsciousness without it causing you pain. So you have to manually work through all your fear based defense mechanism.
  • Master the empathy trap.  You begin to not only understand but feel the truth in everyone – that we are all wounded children in adult bodies.   Unlimited compassion and love for others is attained but there is a trap here that must be learned.  True balanced understanding is that empathy should not  negate an asshole being an asshole – and that certain types of people and or in certain situations the most loving thing you can do is let them fall; it is in their fall that they will begin to rise.
  • Facing and overcoming fear through understanding is your freedom.  Anytime fear is triggered see it for what it is and face it, learn and grow from it.  Go into your shadow realm and face everything that was developed in the absence of love due to pain.    
  • Lastly, learn to trust

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