The Fall

Two years ago at the beginning of major transformation in my life there were two cards that would come out in almost every single reading: The Tower and Death.  I quickly learned that when these cards get drawn you better prepare because your life is about to fall apart – hard!.

The image of the Tower card is that of a man falling head first from a lightning struck tower.  The man is naked which is symbolic being stripped completely.  However, despite the apparent dangers he  seems to have very wisely and skillfully landed using his strength and flexibility.  Therefore this card teaches that controlling ones actions / reactions is what provides us with a strong foothold even during seemingly turbulent chaos.

Now whereas the Tower can be explained as having your shabby house knocked down by strong winds and having to rebuild with better more solid materials; The Death card represents more permanent and or drastic loss – not only is your entire house collapsing but even the land your house is on may be sinking.

I struggled with this lesson for a long time as I fought to hold on to everything that I knew no longer served me. Therefore the challenge and message inherit in both these cards is of learning to let go. When and if you do the beauty and magic of the process will present itself.   Because once the destructive force is complete the next stage is that of re-construction.

Despite mourning people and situations
Despite being uprooted and displaced emotionally, physically and mentally
I finally learned to let go
Free falling into fate’s dark and sometimes seemingly endless abyss…
Faith being my only source of spiritual oxygen.

But the day comes when you land on your two feet and see that your new home is on prime real estate overlooking the ocean and the air is fresh and the sky is majestically blue and all you feel is gratitude.