Llama No More!

used to see myself as cute and docile as a Lama…you know easy going and chill but with a little spit.

However, now I say Llama no more.

This has come about as a result of life challenges presented to me within the past few years that have forced to the surface the beauty and strength of who I really am.

So now there is a new animal force I identify with.  Initially, I thought to say lioness because what can be more fierce that the queen of the jungle.  However I am neither aggressive nor a predator.  Instead the image of a Dolphin flashed into my mind and I immediately chuckled in understanding of it’s appropriateness.

Why a dolphin? Because their badassness and fierceness is nearly overshadowed by their loving, intelligent and playful nature.  Dolphins continuously amaze me in their paradoxes.

Dolphins are adventurous, free spirited animals that love deeply and stay connected for a lifetime to their core group.  They remain this way despite knowing and understanding the dangers of the sea and perhaps even that of mankind but by no means are they helpless creatures.  Dolphins will fight to protect themselves, their loved ones and at times out of altruism to help a creature in need.

I also feel Dolphins exemplify one of the best lessons we would all benefit from learning which is that instead of growing heavier because of pain, disappointments and or losses we are supposed to master doing the opposite.  We are meant to learn to become lighter and freer.  We are to learn how to face the challenges that are inevitably part of life with an open and increasingly more loving empathetic heart.