Black Lilly’s

I finally get that embracing both life and death is embracing truth.
At this level of clarity, I have gained respect for the force inherit in the dark matter of life…
Making me comfortable with my own dark force and that of others.
As it is the part of me that is fueled by the fire of the fight,
by the thrill of the risk and by the understanding that kindness and truth are sometimes destructive but that destruction gives way for new construction.

At the end of the day there is only the whole and both dark and light are one.


The above thoughts were inspired by the many and very recent endings I’ve had to face as part of my path to growth and healing.   The process has been the equivalent of facing Death….once faced it can be understood, once understood it can be appreciated.

I am not speaking of Death solely in the physical sense although that too is included.  I am more so speaking of the natural cycles and endings of all things; a cycle which is inherit at all levels of existence and vital to growth and progression of even our own consciousness.

My newly developed understanding of death has led to a sense of comfort regarding it that I think is very difficult for others to understand and more difficult to explain without seeming cold and detached.  But it’s not that at all, in fact it’s the complete opposite.  I love and care very deeply and without conditions and embracing loss and death only further frees me to love more without fear.

By not being in fear of “death” I can fully live and love in the now.  I can do this because I accept loss as part of the experience – the truth is that we will all at one point in our lives loose everyone and everything we love in one way or another (yes it’s morbid but it’s truth); does that mean we live life avoiding the inevitable or do we take it as more reason to live and love now?

Life is to be savored as so are relationships and love.