Energy Healing for Mental Health



Ran my first Reiki share group today and it was a really beautiful experience for me and I am so thankful and appreciative of those who attended because when you give you receive and both are blessed.

I was guided to create a group that was open to all levels of experience and connection to energy. And todays group taught me that spirit really does bring together what is needed even if at first it doesn’t seem to make sense.

It helped reinforced the understandings that

– We are all new to something and having in every step of the way learn to trust in our inner compass.
– We all have something to offer in the way of learning to each other and that’s where the real beauty is.

The truth is that we are all on the same flight of stairs to higher consciousness and it’s best to understand that ur gonna get to the next step at your own pace and style but your gonna get there.


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