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The Empowered Empath my path to awakening

The Empowered Empath my path to awakening

It wasn’t just one major life event but several that gradually woke me up to higher levels of consciousness.   Each painful and ever more penetrating experience helped me learn not only about who I was or what I was capable of ~ but that the real lesson under all these other lessons ~ is on the nature of love and how to love.

The test here on Earth is a practicum, and the question is, how much of what you know can you put into practice under harsh conditions.  When you are a healer you realize that Earth is like a spiritual ER, the ones seeking help are usually but not always the desperately wounded.  I know this was true for me.

However, each one of my painful experiences was needed and maybe even perfectly orchestrated by greater forces who love, support, guide, encourage, but don’t cuddle you on your path to becoming an Empowered Empath.  I know realize that….

It wasn’t to beat me down, it was to get me up.

What is an Empowered Empath?

………I see it as being a balanced individual with the ability to love and connect deeply;  to bare naked emotionally and spiritually in all that you do; never fearing your nature or loosing your sense of self in any relationship.  Remembering to self love, self trust and just let go ~ becoming freed by your ability to stand in your truth and vulnerability, so much that you when you fall in love that is what you fall in love with in yourself and others.

A tenant of love is that you can’t love anyone if self-love doesn’t exist.  We can’t forget and or sacrifice our own needs and wants in order gain or maintain the to love of another.  Love cannot be bought,  bargained for, nor can it be loss and or gained.

Love is not doing for others what they can do for themselves.  Carrying the weight  of another person’s responsibility or consequences in life is not a loving act it is enabling and disabling; it is a lack of trust in the others ability and strength to overcome and endure as we have.

Lastly and most importantly, an empowered Empath knows that  someone else’s inability to love as you love, or return that love, whether it be at this moment in time or this lifetime, has nothing to do with you ~ therefore there is nothing YOU can do to change it, and accepting that truth does not mean accepting abuse.  Because loving yourself is not the same as only loving yourself.

Life it is all about balance and an equal flow / exchange between you and others.  There is no giving without receiving ~ both are needed, both are blessed!

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