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Mental Rubiks Cube

Mental Rubiks Cube

I take on Psychology like it’s a mental Rubik’s cube.

Everyone’s psyche is like a whole universe of it’s own.

I remember as a kid enjoying puzzles and demystifying things.  I knew without knowing that the key to unlocking the secret to anything was in it’s understanding.   What I mean by understanding is – having a deeper knowing of a thing’s nature and or essence.

When you understand a Rubik’s cube then you knew how to bring it back to it’s original state no matter how many times it got twisted.

Within the psyche there are different layering dimensions.   However everything in existence has patterns and ways of moving that is specific to it’s nature.  This is true for emotions and emotions are the basis of behavior.

Furthermore, each emotion to me is like a color in the Rubik’s cube.

My psychological framework evolved when I realized that raw unfiltered emotions and mental logical reasoning need to integrate for wholeness and healing to occur.

Through the ability to integrate the two, I was able to observe and learn the patterns and rhythms of the psyche.  One major observation was that every emotional reaction and consequent behavior, despite how irrational had a rational purpose.  That nothing exists without reason.

Under this framework, all psychological challenges become a puzzle that can be solved.  You become the psychological Sherlock Holmes, with the powers of deduction.  Things become more predictable once the common patterns and rhythms of things become known.

A Rubik’s cube despite how many twists it’s received becomes easily decipherable once you understand it’s structure and it’s limited range of movements.   In fact if you Google how to solve a Rubik’s cube this is what shows up:  The Rubik’s cube is solved LAYER by LAYER.

You could easily and truthfully say the same of the human psyche.

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