Healing Through Self-Love part 1

Before self love there is just Love.  So let’s start with examining of what love means to you.   Take a  minute or two to reflect on what love feels and looks like to you.  Then ask yourself these two questions: What does it mean when I love? How do I know when I love? Most of us will find it easier to define love by how we love.  However, those same questions become much more difficult to answer when we are placed at the receiving end. How do you know when you are loved?  What does it mean when you are loved? Now I am going to challenge you just a nudge more. What does it mean to self-love?  How do Read More

The Empowered Empath: my path to awakening

It wasn’t just one major life event but several that gradually woke me up to higher levels of consciousness.   Each painful and ever more penetrating experience helped me learn not only about who I was or what I was capable of ~ but that the real lesson under all these other lessons ~ is on the nature of love and how to love. The test here on Earth is a practicum, and the question is, how much of what you know can you put into practice under harsh conditions.  When you are a healer you realize that Earth is like a spiritual ER, the ones seeking help are usually but not always the desperately wounded.  I know this was true Read More