Revelations – Summer Solstice Psychic Fair

On Saturday, June 23rd I went to the Crystal Connection Summer Solstice Psychic Fair.

One of the friends I came with immediately and intuitively asked to book with Judy. who was nearly booked for the entire day.  Although, I felt a pull to Judy, I decided to book with booking Medium Mary because I was ready to connect to a really close friend who passed away in October of last year.  Her passing was a unexpected tragedy and it took until now for me to be at a place of fully facing that reality.   I chose Mary because her energy resonated so strongly to the type my friend would have been open to.   Mary resonated at a frequency that was Earthy, Native and wholeheartedly nurturing and gentle.  In the future, I will share more about the reading however it isn’t the time for me to speak on the effects of that loss and so I will wait until comes.

Following my reading I went to get my aura picture, which was a bit surprising.  I say that because I don’t think I had taken the time to pause and reflect on how much healing and transformation I had undergone until I saw it reflected in my aura.  It was three years ago at this very place that I began the healing and from that date on, I kept on working on myself, going deeper and deeper in the healing.  In fact, just a few weeks ago I had been still praying for hear healing and shortly after I had the past life “Mother Heart” experience that unlocked a power layer of me.

And now here was my aura in it’s hues of bright green and dark rich violet confirming all the work I had done.  I had a lot of heart (green) energy flowing at my center and purple (spiritual) energy surrounding me.  During the aurra reading when she had me stay in stillness with my breath you could see the purple energy expanding.  She explained that it was almost as if my energy functioned in a telepathic manner; which I have experienced to be true.

At the end of the night my other friend somehow also managed to get a reading with Judy Ko and reported that her reading was spot on regarding current life events.  So much so that without meeting or hearing of me, Judy was able to know of me and completely out of her own intuition know of the work my friend and I were doing together.

Hearing both of my friends experiences, I knew that I was meant to meet with Judy.  I also had the knowing that Judy was meant to answer some questions regarding my soul self.  It’s interesting because the day before I did a quick oracle card reading and the main message was of – Revelation and a Truth that I was ready to receive.  It was a question or series of questions I had had for a long time but that in not even knowing how to ask it, I kinda let if float somewhere in between my unconscious and subconscious.  However in just connecting to the idea of having a session with Judy the questions I had became crystal clear.   I knew what I needed to ask and it no longer felt completely insane to ask those questions.

Truth has a certain resonance that rings not at the mind level but at the soul level and when you hear it’s resonance, it brings a certain bodily vibration.  It requires a certain mindfulness and tuning inward to become conscious of the physical sensations experienced when Truth is heard.  If you haven’t consciously experienced it, I suggest trying to tap into your body when someone is speaking and noting how your body responds.  Best way I can describe it is like something, somewhere inside of you woke up a little.  So when truth is spoken your soul will confirm through your nervous system even when it’s something you can’t prove; sometimes I get them as a chill down my spine or as the hairs on my arms stand up.

To be continued….but I booked a reading with Judy Ko for the following day.

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