My Sacred Purpose

Soul Languages

My Personal Soul Language: Observer, Transformer and Purist (Tone)

Business Soul Languages: Prophet, Rainmaker and Deliberator (Tone)

Gene Key Profile:

My deepest Purpose in life is to manifest the Gift of Acceptance.   The highest expression of my heart is Transfiguration. It is important that I communicate my essence to the world – showing others hot to be at ease with both themselves and with the world. My life needs to be an example of how to love one’s self, as well as how to carry that confidence to others so that they are empowered by it. My Gift of accepting human nature is not a commonly held gift.

I carry one of the most powerful archetypes as your Life’s Purpose. It is the purpose of love.  You will have to understand and accept your own suffering as well as the suffering of others. You are a reminder to everyone that the real purpose of existence is love.

Human Design Profile
Life Theme: The Personal Life Theme of the Vessel of Love (4): Sun in Gate 10

I mirrors other people’s senses of personal identity, their directions in life, their sense of purpose and how they love themselves (or not). Mirrors peoples’ sense of wholeness back to them.  By Design and without great effort, she challenges those who do not really love themselves to reappraise themselves, and those who lack integrity to reevaluate their positions in life. All of this through the dimension of love.