List of Workshops & Classes

Conscious Energy Healing for Psychotherapist Level 1 Certification

Crystals 101 Workshop:  Learn the basics of crystals and how to use them for healing, protection and or manifesting.  Learn ways to connect and communicate with the energy of crystals and the power of intention.  Also learn about creating crystal grids or sacred spaces with them.

Healing through Self-Love:  Unhealed wounds have a way of keeping us from self-loving.  The natural fear and shame connected to these wounds trigger an automatic response to hide or bury them; and in that process, we also learn to fear ourselves.  In fear of ourselves, self-love suffers.  However, it is through self-love that we heal.  Self-love includes, SELF: compassion, empathy; understanding and forgiveness.  In my presentation you will begin to learn how to develop self-empathy and compassion in a healing, empowering and deeply transformative way.

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