Areas of Specialty

Mood Disorders and Understanding Our Emotions – the truth is we aren’t taught anything about emotions and what to do with them, especially when they are overwhelming.   I help guide individuals through their emotional experiences into understanding and consequently towards improved emotional regulation.

Anxiety and Being a Highly Sensitive Person – what to do when you feel, care, think and try to do so much.

Psychological / Emotional abuse:  these are the hardest to sometimes find the right support for because unlike physical abuse that is tangible and can be clearly understood; this type of abuse can be covert / hidden.

Environmental Stress and Somatic Issues:  I have started to observe people at much younger ages start to suffer from chronic health conditions particularly auto immune disorders.  I feel so much of this has to do with the level of environmental stress and pressure placed on us.

Assertiveness Training: Learn to identify your own needs and become confident in expressing them.  Learn to own your truths.

Confidence and Self-esteem:  The secret is learning to trust yourself.   I guide individuals in learning the meaning and process of self trust.