First Light – Personal Healing Experience

Three Years ago, I found myself inside a long dark emotional tunnel with no light in sight.   Staying in this dark place was not an option for me ~ I began to pray hard, asking for guidance, support and healing.

I’ve never had a prayer not be answered.  And so one weekend, I came across a random post on Facebook for a psychic fair in Wurtsburo, NY which was an hour and a half North from me.  With my then only 8-month old daughter I drove there on a mission to find hope.

I found more than hope, I found the way out.  It was at the Crystal Connection in the summer of 2016 that I met two amazing individuals (Jennifer Church and Roland) who provided me with not only exactly what I needed begin healing, but who also helped in opening me up to a greater awakening and consciousness of who I truly am.

At the heart of every healing you open yourself to is the process of  awakening to more of who you really are ~ at soul level.  There is a clearing of energetic stuff so that the connection between our bodies and our higher “soul” self can be strengthened; allowing more light and more consciousness in.

When I arrived I was given a list of readers and healers at the event and the women registering me took notice that my daughter was starring and smiling  at Jennifer Church’s picture.   Therefore, I picked Jennifer, knowing that the wisest thing anyone can do is listen to the recommendations of a child, especially an infant.

When I met with Jennifer her energy felt right and completely familiar to my soul.   It was the first time connecting with someone whose energy resonated as strongly with me.  There was a higher consciousness to the way she filtered information and it presented as more insight orientated than psychic.   Her truths resonated very strongly to me and made me aware that the way I do therapy is very much aligned to the way she did readings and healing’s.   I had come to understand that psychology in an attempt to understand consciousness and consciousness isn’t just the heart of Spirituality ~ it is literally everything.

Following her session, I had this feeling of wanting to apprentice with her.  This feeling was very rare to me because although I have had many teachers that provided bits and pieces of what resonated as truth; I was always aware of the limitations to each.  Everything I have opened to has been through the process of getting pieces of the puzzle and patiently sorting them and making the connections.   Jennifer however felt expansive, so expansive that I wanted to learn to see as far and wide as her; there was a beauty and harmony to it that resonated with me.

As it turns out,  Jennifer now three years  later moved to Hawaii and opened up Devotion School as a metaphysical teacher for metaphysical teacher’s and recently opened an apprentice program.  My soul had upon first meeting her felt this higher purpose of hers.  I signed up for her first round of Devotion School classes within an hour of her posting it; I was so excited.

I then met with Roland (Budha hawk healing) immediately after who did something so magical, so seemingly impossible at that time, that I will forever be grateful to him.   When Roland asked if there was anything I wanted him to focus on, I said, please remove this crippling emotional weight of pure anger in my chest.  In the 20 mins I sat there, with a very curious and distracting baby, Roland managed to do it.  I left his session with such a greater sense of clarity and peace that I was in complete awe of it.

I had battled for over two years with a certain toxic situation that left me so much resentment and anger; and at times hopelessness.  I was genuinely terrified of not being able to come back from this.  I realized there were certain events in ones life that can cut you so deep that it paves the way for energetic darkness to seep in like a venom; a force that gives itself more life and strength in your pain.

So I am grateful for Roland, because he provided that first light and awakened hope in me.  I also knew that a a powerful shift in me had occurred when on my drive home, the “situation” must of sensed my new serenity and tried hard at triggering me but I didn’t take the bate; I responded to the situation from a grounded and centered place and with unbending clarity that the “situation” quieted down and began to unlatch it’s attempted hold over me.

Out of sentimentality, I have gone every summer to The Crystal Connection’s Summer Psychic Fair.  This year was the first time that neither Roland or Jennifer were there.  This  however gave the opportunity to meet new healers that were also fantastic and exactly what I needed at the time.

I will elaborate more in a future post; however the two people I met were Medium Mary and Judy Ko; both women are really beautiful souls.

Pic Above is the Crystal Connection Center for visual reference.

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