Energy Healing Training Program

My dream is to bring the power of energy healing into the psychotherapy world. As a psychotherapist, I have for the past 10+ years integrated energy healing into my practice with amazing results. I actually started providing energy healing at outpatient mental health clinics in the Bronx – for patients with a wide range of DSM conditions including Schizophrenia (and other related psychosis diagnosis), Mood Disorders, cluster B and Anxiety (and panic, phobias).

The results of my providing energy healing to client’s at these clinics were astounding. This fueled by passion and desire to make energy healing an accessible treatment tools to psychotherapist. Therefore for the past 10+ years I have been developing and fine tuning my methods so that they are not only teachable but easily adaptable into any therapist practice.

As a psychotherapist with a private practice that accepts insurance, I understand that there are limitations to the types of treatments that can be billable.

Therefore, what I teach can be done two ways:

1. For cash clients clinicians can have more liberty and thus utilize techniques that are purely energy healing

2. For insurance client’s, I teach techniques that have been modified so that they can be seamlessly integrated into Billable therapeutic modalities