Energy Healing Circle

The decision to create an open group came as a result of my own experience connecting with “Ki” or life energy. Prior to getting Reiki Certifications I had worked with crystals for many years. I faithfully believed in the healing powers of crystals but had not managed to develop a conscious connection to their energy. Meaning I worked them, I believed in them but I never actually felt their energy; only the results of using them.

That was until I received my first Reiki treatment. The moment I felt the energy flow to and through me, I became conscious of “Ki” and in becoming conscious of “Ki” I automatically connected to it. That was all it took and from that moment on. I was an Energy Healer.

This made me realize that this may be all it takes. I tested this theory and was able to guide others to connecting with “Ki” in a way that I found much more natural and direct. I learned that with time and practice everyone develops a unique way of I guess communicating with “Ki” and being guided by it, to be used in the way that best aligns with their soul purpose.

So my idea behind this group is to provide three things (1) gentle guidance towards developing that connection; (2) practice; (3) and healing.

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