Into the Lilly Looking Glass

Playing back the movie reel of my life, I have realized that my progress has not been as a result of changes or modifications made to the self, but of the embracing and expressing of the self that has always existed.  The real and ever constant “I” has carried me through many challenges and gave me the strength and wisdom...
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Google Healing

From a personal experience reading what others have shared has been healing for me (Google has been my best friend along with countless bloggers).  On the flip side, as a therapist I have noticed that my sharing has been healing for others. Why, has sharing been a tool for healing? Because sometimes healing can only begin when there is confirmation...
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The other in Me

Understanding myself has been key to understanding everyone else.  If you really think about it our range of emotions are the same.  The events, circumstances, and or individuals triggering the emotions may differ but the emotions experienced are pretty standard – blue is blue and although it comes in different shades it can only get so dark or so light...
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Starting Line

Starting Line of road to self-rediscovery, hint hint the turtle always wins this one (duck up there doesn’t think so). Where does the start line begin?  This question seemed so simple until I sought to write about it and then suddenly it’s like a can of worms had been opened.  A myriad of moments and experience ran through my mind...
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Mission Statement

  The creation of this blog came about as a desire to document my journey to self-rediscovery. My mission is to develop increased self awareness ( i.e. consciousness). My thought is that the more one knows thyself the more one is capable of understanding all.  “As above so below, so below as above” Therefore this is the journey I now...
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