Llama No More!

used to see myself as cute and docile as a Lama…you know easy going and chill but with a little spit. However, now I say Llama no more. This has come about as a result of life challenges presented to me within the past few years that have forced to the surface the beauty and strength of who I really...
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Black Lilly’s

I finally get that embracing both life and death is embracing truth. At this level of clarity, I have gained respect for the force inherit in the dark matter of life… Making me comfortable with my own dark force and that of others. As it is the part of me that is fueled by the fire of the fight, by...
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Rosy Perspective

Recent reflection regarding the development of my therapeutic skills made me realize that working with children in a variety of roles from babysitting, to teaching, to being a child therapist helped shape my current therapeutic perspectives. Children’s ability to express through language is limited as so is their ability to understand and or conceptualize abstract notions such as a emotions. ...
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The Lilly Method

Some of the methods I use in therapy are very similar to those of Jungian therapy. I love that name because it sounds like Jungle, and the psyche is very much like a jungle. I focus on the development of insight and greater consciousness / awareness, I assist in moving beyond the ego and believe in the human drive for...
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Tears of Healing

Today a clients story made me cry, like really cry, but for the first time they were tears of joy not sorrow. This person had been in treatment for several years with little reported progress primarily due to their overwhelming life circumstances.  When transferred to me they were initially defensive and expressed a lack of hope in their situation.  Painfully...
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