The Empowered Empath: my path to awakening

It wasn't just one major life event but several that gradually woke me up to higher levels of consciousness.   Each painful and ever more penetrating experience helped me learn not only about who I was or what I was capable of ~ but that the real lesson under all these other lessons ~ is on the nature of love and...
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Ran my first Reiki share group today and it was a really beautiful experience for me and I am so thankful and appreciative of those who attended because when you give you receive and both are blessed. I was guided to create a group that was open to all levels of experience and connection to energy. And todays group taught...
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Devil inside the angel in me

Being a fully conscious and awakened person isn’t about being better than you are, it’s about embracing all that u are…becoming aware, understanding and accepting that you’re both a sinner and a saint, a lover and a hater, giver and a taker, that we all lie, we all cry, we all want to curse a bitch out, we all get...
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It’s a Lilly Party

They say misery loves company but I think the opposite is also true. Joy not only loves to party but it throws the best ones and everyone is always invited.  Joy only has one rule Respect everyone’s right to dance to the beat of their own heart, no matter how wild, untamed, or uncoordinated it may be – just let...
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The Fall

Two years ago at the beginning of major transformation in my life there were two cards that would come out in almost every single reading: The Tower and Death.  I quickly learned that when these cards get drawn you better prepare because your life is about to fall apart – hard!. The image of the Tower card is that of...
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