Healing Through Self-Love part 2

How we love and or how we receive love reflects our level of self-love. Self-love requires an intimate relationship with self. It means self-penetration. You probably didn't even know that was possible. Unfortunately,  we haven’t been taught that not only is this possible but it's essential that we do….because the relationship we have with ourselves is what will be mirrored...
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Healing Through Self-Love part 1

Before self love there is just Love.  So let's start with examining of what love means to you.   Take a  minute or two to reflect on what love feels and looks like to you.  Then ask yourself these two questions: What does it mean when I love? How do I know when I love? Most of us will find it easier...
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The Empowered Empath: my path to awakening

It wasn't just one major life event but several that gradually woke me up to higher levels of consciousness.   Each painful and ever more penetrating experience helped me learn not only about who I was or what I was capable of ~ but that the real lesson under all these other lessons ~ is on the nature of love and...
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Ran my first Reiki share group today and it was a really beautiful experience for me and I am so thankful and appreciative of those who attended because when you give you receive and both are blessed. I was guided to create a group that was open to all levels of experience and connection to energy. And todays group taught...
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Energy Healing Circle

The decision to create an open group came as a result of my own experience connecting with "Ki" or life energy. Prior to getting Reiki Certifications I had worked with crystals for many years. I faithfully believed in the healing powers of crystals but had not managed to develop a conscious connection to their energy. Meaning I worked them, I...
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