Revelations – Summer Solstice Psychic Fair

On Saturday, June 23rd I went to the Crystal Connection Summer Solstice Psychic Fair. One of the friends I came with immediately and intuitively asked to book with Judy. who was nearly booked for the entire day.  Although, I felt a pull to Judy, I decided to book with booking Medium Mary because I was ready to connect to a really close friend who passed away in October of last year.  Her passing was a unexpected tragedy and it took until now for me to be at a place of fully facing that reality.   I chose Mary because her energy resonated so strongly to the type my friend would have been open to.   Mary resonated at a frequency that was Earthy, Read More

First Light – Personal Healing Experience

Three Years ago, I found myself inside a long dark emotional tunnel with no light in sight.   Staying in this dark place was not an option for me ~ I began to pray hard, asking for guidance, support and healing. I’ve never had a prayer not be answered.  And so one weekend, I came across a random post on Facebook for a psychic fair in Wurtsburo, NY which was an hour and a half North from me.  With my then only 8-month old daughter I drove there on a mission to find hope. I found more than hope, I found the way out.  It was at the Crystal Connection in the summer of 2016 that I met two amazing individuals (Jennifer Church Read More

The Mother Heart ~ my personal experience of healing from past life trauma.

I had the most intense healing experience today that I felt the need to share. I woke up feeling stomach discomfort and an increase in heart palpitations that normally indicate some fear or resistance surfacing. I laid down thinking this would be a simple quick healing. I started from the Sacral Chakra area and gradually up until I hit a spot on the far left side of my heart Chakra (where the breast begins). The moment my consciousness went into that space I saw the vivid image of me from a past life holding the lifeless body of my daughter. In that instant, I felt the intensity of all the emotions connected to it as if my body were re-living Read More

Healing Through Self-Love part 3

So how do we develop Self-Love Firstly, not being honest about your imperfections doesn’t change them it just prevents you from healing those parts of yourself.  These are the parts within that are reacting to fear and emotional pain.  That’s okay.  That’s being human. Secondly, we have to define what self-love is. Love cannot exist without understanding. Love is Understanding. If you cannot understand, you cannot love. Love based on compassion can provide the energy needed to respond to self-suffering. Pain that results from looking within and seeing the full truth of your nature can be a helpful pain when done with self-compassion. To heal we need to develop a relationship with these imperfect parts of ourselves. To not fear, Read More

Healing Through Self-Love part 2

How we love and or how we receive love reflects our level of self-love. Self-love requires an intimate relationship with self. It means self-penetration. You probably didn’t even know that was possible. Unfortunately,  we haven’t been taught that not only is this possible but it’s essential that we do….because the relationship we have with ourselves is what will be mirrored back to you in everything you do and everyone you connect to. The World is a mirror The same positive qualities which we judge others on are the one we unconsciously judge ourselves on….so for example if we love individuals that are honest will we judge unconsciously our level of honesty. And if we don’t measure up to our own Read More

Healing Through Self-Love part 1

Before self love there is just Love.  So let’s start with examining of what love means to you.   Take a  minute or two to reflect on what love feels and looks like to you.  Then ask yourself these two questions: What does it mean when I love? How do I know when I love? Most of us will find it easier to define love by how we love.  However, those same questions become much more difficult to answer when we are placed at the receiving end. How do you know when you are loved?  What does it mean when you are loved? Now I am going to challenge you just a nudge more. What does it mean to self-love?  How do Read More