Psychology, Emotions and the Laws of the Universe

The laws of the universe have served as keys to unlocking certain codes of healing. A few years ago before knowing anything about the Kabylion, these truths had already started to take shape in my consciousness forming the foundation of my psychological framework as a psychotherapist. With these tools,  I was able to start transmuting anything that caused me fear...
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The Mother Heart ~ my personal experience of healing from past life trauma.

I had the most intense healing experience today that I felt the need to share. I woke up feeling stomach discomfort and an increase in heart palpitations that normally indicate some fear or resistance surfacing. I laid down thinking this would be a simple quick healing. I started from the Sacral Chakra area and gradually up until I hit a...
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Healing Through Self-Love part 3

So how do we develop Self-Love Firstly, not being honest about your imperfections doesn’t change them it just prevents you from healing those parts of yourself.  These are the parts within that are reacting to fear and emotional pain.  That's okay.  That's being human. Secondly, we have to define what self-love is. Love cannot exist without understanding. Love is Understanding....
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Healing Through Self-Love part 2

How we love and or how we receive love reflects our level of self-love. Self-love requires an intimate relationship with self. It means self-penetration. You probably didn't even know that was possible. Unfortunately,  we haven’t been taught that not only is this possible but it's essential that we do….because the relationship we have with ourselves is what will be mirrored...
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Healing Through Self-Love part 1

Before self love there is just Love.  So let's start with examining of what love means to you.   Take a  minute or two to reflect on what love feels and looks like to you.  Then ask yourself these two questions: What does it mean when I love? How do I know when I love? Most of us will find it easier...
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